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convention coverage report of
Nan Desu Kan 2009!

Welcome to another edition of Linus Lam Network News for 2009!  This news report covers our trip to Nan Desu Kan 2009 for a huge weekend of anime and manga enjoyment and a whole lot more!  Held at the Marriot Convention Center at the Denver Tech Center in Denver, Colorado over the weekend of September 11th-13th, Nan Desu Kan 2009 saw lots of attendees ready to party on with a bunch of dedicated artists, live performances, gaming events, cosplay fun, and plenty of opportunities to hang out with fellow anime and manga fans. Our exciting trip to Nan Desu Kan 2009 starts here!  Coverage you can count on, here at Linus Lam Network News!

Highlights: Various live programming events kept the attendees well-covered throughout the weekend. Guests of Honor included Aaron Dismuke, Chriss Patton, Cristina, Valenzuela, Jan Scott-Frazier, Jason and Heather Martin, Kyle Herbert, Melodee Spevak, Michael McConnohie, Michael Powell, Miki Nagesawa, Rica Matsumoto, Steve Yun, Todd Haberkorn, Tommy Yune, and Wendy Powell.  Special events included the Cosplay Contest, Anime Music Videos, Anime Trivia Contests, Karaoke, Modeling Show, and Guest panels. Panels and workshops included functions like Anime Dance, Lolita on a Dime, Anime Girl Fight, Occult in Anime, Rock Band Tryouts, Cosplay Photography, Death of the Anime Industry, History of Yaoi, Anime Improv, Costume Safety, Japanese Cooking, Anime Radio, Gender and Sexuality in Japan, Gundam 30th Anniversary, Japanese Street Fashion, Art and Craft of Storytelling, Sailor Moon Cosplay, Teaching Comics, Japanese Mythology, Robot Rumble, Music in Anime, Cosplay 201, Fullmetal Freaks, Robotech Past Present and Future, Cosplay Chess, Tea Ceremony, Kimono, Wigs 201, Ball-Jointed Dolls, Host Clubs and Takarazuka, and lots more.
Cosplay: This year's trip to Nan Desu Kan saw lots of inspired costumes from numerous anime and manga characters and more! Chart-topping displays for this year included characters from Hetalia, Legend of Zelda, Bleach, Final Fantasy, D. Gray Man, Black Butler, Trinity Blood, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Devil May Cry, Code Geass, Vocaloid, and much more! 
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Miscellaneous: From Artists Alleys to Art Shows, Interactive Gaming events to Video Screening rooms, Anime Music Videos to casual conversations with esteemed Guests of Honor, shopping inside the Dealers Hall to Charity events, you can always find something to do at Nan Desu Kan.  

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