From Illuminati to Digerati, panels and discussions always bring out the best of anime and manga education.  Here at Nan Desu Kan 2002, LLNN managed to scope what excellent panels were being held and gives a short description of what was covered.

Nan Desu Kan 2002
Panels and Discussions 1

Sailor Surprises Cosplay Talk: Members from the cosplay group Yume No Senshi prepared the audience for cosplay world domination!  Hot topics of cosplay included use of various fabrics, paints, choices of skirts and leotards, costume construction, wigs, and jewelry.

Tristan MacAvery's Readings: American voice actor Tristan not only has a hand in the voice acting industry; he's also an avid fiction writer who also voices his own works.  Fans of Tristan stopped in and listened to excerpts from his previously published works.
Cosplay Round Table: Despite what Japanese fans think about American cosplay, Japanese still think highly of the fan-made Masquerade shows.  Japanese industry leaders expressed their interest after seeing Masquerade footage from Anime Expo 2002 and called on their own people for more events like this.  Topics also included Japanese cosplay rules of not being able show too much skin, cannot wear large costumes in limited space, and shows of extremely detailed cosplay work.
Panther Comics: The brains and talent behind Panther Comics gave a detailed discussion on how printed comics make headway into the slow but prestigious comic realm.  Topics covered hard work getting accepted into the comics industry, taking on artistic challenges, more leverage for independent art, trying a hand at web comics, keeping tabs on character protection and copyrights, and staying true to the indie art folks by speaking on the art forums with their fans and fellow artists.

Pretty Kitty MiniCon: Hello Kitty enjoyed its own little Mini-con sensation as lots of fans showed up to sport kitty ears and take part in trivia contests and win prizes.  Also included were a workshop on making your own kitty ears and Hello Kitty collectible displays of stickers, stuffed plushies, foods, drinks, candies, computers, and everything you can find at various Sanrio shops.
Your Feet's Too Big: Cosplay in an Imperfect World: With tons of American cosplayers and so many costumes to choose from, it's an ongoing challenge to enjoy a hobby and yet make yourself pleasing to the eye.  Spirited cosplayers spoke up to let audiences know about choosing the right costume for your body, choosing the right attitude you want to project, and being aware of criticism on differences of gender, age, and overall shock value.

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