NDK's lineup of fabulous guests for 2002 included: Rodney Caston (former Megatokyo writer), Mari Iijima (J-pop singer and TV actress), Nov. Takahashi (Studio Hard), Susumu Sakurai (CPU-Go), Nobuyuki Ohnishi (artist Wings of Honneamise), Scott McNeil (voice actor), Tristan MacAvery (voice actor), Crispan Freeman (voice actor), Angora Deb (voice actress), Robert and Emily Dejesus (artist Studio Ironcat), Keith Burgess (voice actor, Manga Entertainment), Bob Bergen (voice actor), Toshifumi Yoshida (Viz Communications), Taliesin Jaffe (voice director), Jonathan Osborne (voice actor), Estevan Olivas (voice actor), Jan Scott Frazier (RETAS Software Engineer and anime director/producer), Newton Ewell (artist Palladium books and TSR), Shawn the Touched (White Radish digital animation), Steve Bennett (Studio Ironcat), Cynthia Hands (anime card collector), Panther Comics (doujinshi artists)

Nan Desu Kan 2002
Guests of Honor

Crispan Freeman always ready to hand out his excellent and inspiring visions about heroes in anime at his philosophical panels.
Steve Bennett surrounded by his fans in the Dealers Room and like Robert Dejesus (right), always busy doing his duty to keep the fans excited about art.

Sera Myu fan group Yume No Senshi held an excellent performance with live singing and dancing under stage and lights.  Seen with them are Nobuyuki Ohnishi and Nov Takahashi can been seen joining in on the senshi sensation!
Scott McNeil, Tristan MacAvery, and Estevan Olivas joined together at the Vocal Musing panel on Sunday to give sage advice to all those who aspire to be the next vocal talent celebrity.

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