Apart from the general workshops such as cel painting and model building, the art hall held an amazing weekend of interactive events to keep attendees very busy.  With such gatherings involving origami, cosplay construction, and drawing techniques, the education faucet was on full tap as Coloradoans kept pace with their instructors.

Nan Desu Kan 2002
Art Workshops Hall

Shitajiki: Abel Sollis displayed his fine collection of Shitajikis for the collectors of this area.  Discussions included how to take cars of the pencil boards, spotting fakes, and talking about shopping trips.
Origami: Abel Sollis also has a crafty hand in the traditional Japanese paper arts as he led a workshop on origami with cranes, various objects, and other paper-rendered things of nature.

Costume Accessory Creation: Cosplay isn't all about just the costumes; accessories also must be noticed as representatives showed examples on how to make large props like headdresses, staffs, swords, harps, large feet, and various weapons as well as discussion on the use of foam applications, hot glue, and fabric painting.

Advanced Mecha Designs: Newton Ewell gave a detailed instruction on the how-tos of mecha design.  Topics included design, base structures, obeying the laws of physics for believability, perspective, mechanics, articulation, and rendering in perspective for overall look and feel.
Copic Markers Workshop: Participants in this panel got to chance to see how well Copic markers stand up to the competition as they colored in various inked anime characters for that feeling that always grabs the artists' attentions.
Pattern Drafting for Cosplay: From simple to more complex designs, cosplay half a hobby and half a complicated mix of shapes and constructions.  Cosplay representatives were on hand to discuss fabrics, sewing techniques, shopping resources, and much more.

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