Happy Birthday to Michi!  This report is dedicated to Michi and all her friends who helped chip in the celebrate her excellent birthday and Christmas spirit!  Her history of going to anime cons includes Fanime 2000-2002, Anime Expo 2000-2002, Otakon 2001, Ani-Magic 2001-2002, Project A-Kon 13, Yaoi-con 2001, Anime Fest 2001, and of course, plenty more are just down the road for 2003 and beyond!  As a seasoned cosplayer, she's started out with Tenjou Utena (duelist) from Utena and then came out with Akane (MTT), Zell (FF8), Shingo (KOF), Mai (KOF), Kami (Malice Mizer), Zidane (FF9), Mai (Fatal Fury), Gackt (Malice Mizer), Dominique (The Bouncer), Asuka (EVA), Nikki (Chrono Cross), and others...  for a full bio, you can go to her site at http://digital.miyu.nu/

Michi Con 2002 Christmas Remix


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