Linus Lam Network News
SUPER MINI convention coverage report of
Michi Con 2002!

Welcome to another special edition of Linus Lam Network News for 2002! This news report covers our trip to Michi Con 2002 in Milpitas, California for a very peachy-Michi weekend break of Michi-packed festivities and activities over January 5th, 2002. Filled with spirited young and old attendees, dealers, and great convention events and workshops, this was one weekend geared towards enhancing our awareness of Michi taking over the world! Our exciting trip to Michi Con 2002 starts here! Coverage you can count on, here at Linus Lam Network News!


Proceed to the report just below and let's start the trip coverage!


Michi's Special Events and Cool Stuff!
Guests: Michi! yay! With special guest: the evil Kuja wig! *gasp!*
Many cosplay and non-cosplay friends and family showed up to celebrate this birthday girl's night out on the town, Michi-style!

Events: Meet the Michi Reception and Michi's Mad Skillz Magical Masquerade
Panels: Boba with Michi, Wiggin' with Michi, Michi's Mad Web Skillz, Michi History 101, Michi's Con Stories, Meet Michi's Plushies, Michi's Bedtime Yaoi Stories, and many more!
Misc: Michi's DDR, Michi's Digital Dance Party, Michi's Video Games, and many more!


Michi Con 2002 Cosplay Gallery
That's right, folks!  Cosplayers up in NorCal showed their cosplay spirit for Michi Con!

This report is a special birthday present for Michi.  It is not a real convention, but we all like to think it is.  Happy Birthday, Michi!

Be sure to visit the next Michi Con!

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