Manga Works of Usagichan Company's Lionel Lum

The following collection is a brief summary of the extensive illustrations I've amassed throughout the years.  By no means are these galleries my professional portfolio.  It's just for fun and I like to draw... a LOT.  And it doesn't cost a lot of money either.  I hope people are inspired to draw more great fan art and that's all I have to say.  ^_^

Do you like my minimalist format?  hehe

Finished Design Studies (5 pages)
Date: 1995
Comments: Some art is from the Kimagure Orange College project.  Never used but hey, it's nice to see some effort from myself.  Others are characters and mecha design studies because when you draw, you're supposed to draw like it means something later on in life.

Manga: Ghost (24 pages)
Date: 1996
Comments: Sci-fi mystery/suspense, but never finished (poo)

Manga: Kwai Chang Hyou (6 pages)
Date: 1996
Comments: Insane martial arts and cute girls, what a way to go.  Crazy gift for my longtime friend Jim who is totally into martial arts and being obnoxiously rude to himself.

Manga: Summer Collection (56 pages + insert covers and conceptual art)
Date: 1995
Comments: Romantic getaway with a sci-fi look, a rare find so what the heck, might as well do something different.  Gift for my friend Darold back in UCLA and then later published in some fan magazine...

Manga: Twice August: Special Edition (24 pages + covers and Page 67 Spoofs from original 100-page Twice August manga)
Date: 1993
Comments: Romance, romance, romance...  This version is based on an actual published doujinshi I did for Comiket in 1992.  It is the final chapter to wrap up the lovelorn relationship between Scott, Colleen, and Shasti.

Manga: Unagichan (6 pages)
Date: 1998
Comments: Just plain nasty.  The actual Unagichan comics by Asari Yoshitoh weren't as... "barbaric", but for some reason I decided to go down the more crusty route of total chaos.  I don't know what I was thinking back then.

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All art is original by Lionel Lum