From cosplay to Japanese arts, MTAC 2005 had something for everyone and this year's panels and discussions proved that with a chock full 'o panels scheduled to keep that anime convention weekend filled up to the brim.

MTAC 2005
Panels and Discussions

How to Fansub: Veterans of fansubbing anime talked about the technical challenges of maintaining a good database of titles and trends for the future.  Topics included getting good scripts with translations that make sense, timing the dialogue just right to the time codes, using the proper font styles, keeping in the final rendering time, and much more for titles like Saiyuki, Naruto, Samurai Champloo, and much more.

From Cartoons to Cosplay: Cosplay is not just an convention experience, it's an art form that always has room for growth and positive social life.  Topics covered getting good reference designs and working with what you got and using creativity where original designs may lack.  Also featured social communities like,, hooking up with other anime fans at cosplay gatherings, being in character like LARP, shopping for accessories, and much more.

Anthropomorphics: Not all furries are alike, and that's what some cosplayers have to say!  Veterans of furry cosplay are more down to earth and want to let the world know that love dogs and cats like anyone else but they also do charities, do artwork in the artist alleys, and help out at animal events like normal people would.

Para Para and the History of Eurobeat: C'mon, get your groove on!  With a bunch of popular dance titles to choose and learn from, veterans of the Para Para Paradise dancing craze gave a quick tutorial on the dance moves that's sweeping the nation.  It's simple, easy to learn, and best of all, it's a great social ice breaker for any event.

Yaoi Yowza!: The beauty of men enraptures the women's hearts in the world of yaoi.  Topics in this very tantalizing panel included a quick introduction to pretty boy love, the difference between softcore and hardcore yaoi, where to shop for yaoi doujinshi, fan subs and fan dubs, and crowd favorites on their hottest bishounen yaoi titles for this year.
Elegant Gothic Lolita Cosplay: And for the men out there, the beauty of women knows no boundaries.  Topics in this session included the latest dress choices, applying lace trim, getting the proper wigs, hats, headpieces, and jewelry at vintage shops.  Also featured social gatherings like EGL Tea Parties, J-Rock, and much more.
Additional panels and discussions included: Basics of Drawing, Inking Workshop, Anime Issues, Kimono Construction, Making AMVs, Late Night RPGs, Running a Panel/Workshop 101, Wig Dos, Tips and Tricks in Photoshop, Cutting Corners in Lightwave 3D, Anime Video Games, Web Comics, Writing for Manga, How to Make Japanese Uniforms, Crossover Fans, Furry Costuming, Anatomy for Artists, and more.

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