Main Events is where all the big action is at, and this year's schedule included: Otaku Unite, Kaiju Big Battle, Para2Mahou DanceFest, Full Metal Alchemist Voice Actors gathering, Samurai Showdown, Kimono Fashion Show, Ramen Eating Contest, Goldenboy Extreme Elimination Khallenge (GEEK), EGL Tea Party, Lisa Ray in concert, Karaoke Revolution, Codename Robotech, Robotech Nostalgia, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, Fans and Freaks, Filmmaking, and lots more!

MTAC 2005
Main Events

Ceremonies: Events for this year promised to be bigger and better than ever for the fifth anniversary, certainly 
no small feat for this ever-growing anime convention in the middle of Nashville, Tennessee.  Fans came from many places 
to celebrate not only Japanese anime, but also dip into the Japanese culture, both engaging in the whimsical fancies of the 
Elegant Gothic Lolita fashions and relaxing with the traditional Kimonos often seen wandering the halls for all to see and 
applaud.  Guests for this year included Lisa Furukawa Ray (singer), Greg Ayres (voice actor), Vic Mignogna (voice 
actor), Monica Rial (voice actress), Colleen Clinkenbeard (voice actress), Laura Bailey (voice actress), Studio Capsule 
with Robert and Emily DeJesus (artists), and the Robotech Tour crew: Kevin McKeever and Steve Yun.  For the Robotech 
fans out there, MTAC was host to numerous special functions like: Robotech Jeopardy, Harmony Gold Presents 
Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, Robotech Fan Dinner, Codename: Robotech, and lots more!

Concerts, Anime Music Videos, and Cosplay!: The lovely songstress Lisa Ray performed for all her fans with 
an amazing collection of tunes from her latest album.  Next up, the big Anime Music Video Contest saw the usual big line 
forming early in the afternoon, everyone knows it's all about anime excitement and love for the music.  And finally, the big 
Cosplay Contest for Saturday evening filled up all of the seats with lots of great entries with everything from Pokemon to 
Naruto, Final Fantasy to Full Metal Alchemist, and Sailor Moon to Suikoden.  The results are in, so here we go:

Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2005 Anime Music Video Contest Awards
Judges Choice Award: "Only Tokyo" with clips from Only Yesterday
Judges Choice Award and Audience Choice Award: "Vash the Desperado" with clips from Trigun
Judges Choice Award: "Dreams Come True"
Best Comedy Award: "Nature Trail to Hell"
Best Drama Award: "Lift Me Up" with clips from Fushigi Yugi
Best Non-Music Video Award: "Outlaws of the Caribbean" with clips from Outlaw Star
Technical Merit Award: "Am I Awake?" with clips from Urusei Yatsura
Judges Special Achievement Award: "Very Bootiful Christmas" with clips from various anime
Best Action and Best of Show Award: "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" with clips from Naruto

Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2005 Cosplay Contest Awards
Best Child Award: Sailor Mars
Children's Honorable Mention Award: Shuichi from Gravitation
Children's Honorable Mention Award: Blue Link from Zelda
Children's Honorable Mention Award: Pichu from Pokemon
Best Novice Skit Award: Metal Gear Solid group
Novice Craftsmanship Award: Warrior Paine from FFX-2
Novice Recreation Award: Prince from Katamari Damacy
Best Novice Presentation Award: Phantom Thief Gackt
Intermediate Recreation Award: Miroku from Inuyasha
Intermediate Skit Award: Puppets
Intermediate Craftsmanship Award: Rose Bride from Utena
Intermediate Presentation Award: Naruto group
Advanced Recreation Award: Kagoye
Advanced Presentation Award: Great Saiyaman from Dragonball Z
Advanced Skit Award: Price of Life with characters from Full Metal Alchemist
Best Original Cosplay Award: Pokemaniac
Staff Favorite Award: Zellos from Slayers
Judges Choice Award: Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess
Best Obscure Cosplay Award: Princess Kagyuyu from Inuyasha the Movie
Hot Crossovers Award: Sanza from Saiyuki
Big Hat Award: Ghost
Best Hardware Award: Edea from FF8
Judges Choice Award:  Mario 2K5
Judges Choice Award: Chidori Kaname from Full Metal Panic
Best of Show Award: Price of Life with characters from Full Metal Alchemist

Kimono Fashion Show: MTAC's first-ever Kimono Fashion Show was a big hit with the attendees as collectors 
and artisans featured their latest displays of traditional Kimonos from the Heian era, Kabuki theater, wedding, and 
modern kimonos depicted in various popular anime like Rurouni Kenshin.

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