From cosplay to Japanese arts, MTAC 4.01beta had something for everyone and this year's panels and discussions proved that with a chock full 'o rooms scheduled to keep that anime convention weekend filled up to the brim.

MTAC 4.01beta 2004
Panels and

MTAC Guests of Honor: Studio Capsule's Robert and Emily DeJesus, voice celebrities Monica Rial, Greg Ayres, and Doug Smith teamed up on stage to answer attendees questions on various topics related to background, what's it like behind the scenes, fun at the cons, and favorite shows like Dr. Slump, Voltron, Akira, Dragonball, and GettaRobo.

The World of Cosplay: Cosplay is not all about dressing up and walking around for pictures.  It's part practice of resourcefulness and the promise of a newfound skill with textiles.  Experienced cosplayers talked about dealing with comfort and fit, uses of several popular fabrics, planning for large construction projects, doing characters you like and can pose well with, using the right accessories, practicing your poses, and much more.

DDR Tournament: Dance Dance Revolution has taken the world by storm, but the dancing still shows no end.  Fans gathered together to participate in a dance-off competition and see who ranked first class among their peers.

EGL Tea Party: Fans of the Elegant Gothic Lolita cosplay set gathered together to talk about the latest news, fashions, swapping stories about experiences in Japan, and much more.

Additional panels and discussions held throughout the weekend included: Kyle Herbert's Dub Club, Drawing Manga Style, Build Your Own Gundam, AMV Crash Course, Digital Coloring, Para Para Clinic, Live Action Soul Calibur, MTAC Forum Meet and Greet, Fans and Freaks, Anime Clubs 101, Kaiju Big Battle!, Anime Sushi, Wig and Hair Workshop, Kimono Making, GoldenBoy Extreme Elimination Khallenge, Inking Manga, Fun with Scripts, and much more.
Filmmaking: Always an expensive and time-consuming hobby, but in the end, a truly unique learning experience.  Veterans of the animation and cameraman front talked about software, animation utilities, dealing with budget, sticking to broadcast quality, working with sponsorships and recruiting actors from art schools, and keeping a steady focus throughout the development process.

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