The most popular parts of the anime convention scene are the panels and discussion groups that speak out for unique interests pertaining to the hobbyist in all of us.  This year at Katsucon, numerous panels packed in the crowds to listen in and emphasize fan participation.  In this section of the convention environment, we'll show you some of the exciting panels to be at throughout the busy weekend schedule.

KatsuCon 9
Panels and Discussions

Care and Feeding of Kaiju: It's all Live-Action sensation as discussion involved those lovable favorite monsters from the deep: Monster Zero, Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, and much more!

State of the Anime Industry: Industry representatives from Japan and North America gathered together to give an overview on stating the importance of fansubs, having fan support, dealing with licensing concerns, cutting anime scenes for the American market, and delivering products in various formats.
Visual Kei: Duel Jewel members were on hand to discuss their fashion sense, refining the art of visual kei, acting rehearsals, sound engineering, band promotions, the possiblity of more bands coming to the U.S. and abroad and much more.

Want to Start an Anime Convention?: Staffers from various cons discussed the past year's convention damages, dealing with the 1% of attendees who make trouble, costs of hotels, equipment, industry contacts, insurances, transportation, acquiring guests, video screenings, and much more.

How to Tie and Wear a Kimono: Attendees well into the art of the kimono and all things of traditional Japanese culture discussed proper storage of the fine kimonos, cuts, intricate stitching techniques, different styles that define status, examples of woven patterns, and shopping resources such as Rising Sun Imports and e-Kimono to select your favorite.
Additional panels and discussions held throughout the weekend included: Cons 101, Science of Anime, Voice Actors, State of the Video Gaming Industry, Geezer's Panel, Video Game Hints and Cheats, Classic Giant Robot Anime, History of Anime, I.C. Entertainment, Fan Fiction, Small Press Publishing, Live Action Programs, Translating Japanese for Fans, Studio Tavicat, Romantic Comedy, Anime for Newcomers, State of the Comic Industry, Scott Frazier Talks, Uncensored Guests, AnimEigo, Anime Clubs 101, Manga Entertainment, The Best You've Never Seen, Swap Meet, Drawing for Charity, Catgirls: History and Styles, Hong Kong Cinema, Media Blasters, ADV Films, Anime Card Gaming, Nan Da?, Yaoi/Yuri, Evangelion Q&A, Bandai Entertainment, and much more.

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