KatsuCon 9's attending anime/manga and Japan paraphernalia dealers included: Uncovered Treasures, Foreign Expressions, Sleeping Dragon, Tiger Torre Art, J&J Entertainment, Roach Entertainment, Comics & Things, Masters of Tokyo, G-Sentry, Rising Sun Imports, Media Blasters, Cartoon Passion, Anime Pavilion, Asylum Anime, Image Anime, AnimEigo, HKT, Trilogy Shop, Planet Anime, Anime Castle, Joy's Japanimation, Anime Palace, Wizzywig Collectibles, Digital Discs, Manga Entertainment, I.C. Entertainment, Paradigm Entertainment, Odin's Monsters, Anime Musketeer, Hodge Hobbies, Clawmark Toys, Robert DeJesus, Starland Video Games, and House of Anime.

KatsuCon 9
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