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Katsucon 2012!

Welcome to another edition of Linus Lam Network News for 2012!  This news report covers our trip to Katsucon 2012 for a huge weekend of anime and manga enjoyment and a whole lot more!  Held at the Gaylord National Harbor Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland over the weekend of February 17-19, Katsucon 2012 saw lots of attendees ready to party on with a bunch of dedicated artists, live performances, gaming events, cosplay fun, and plenty of opportunities to hang out with fellow anime and manga fans. Our exciting trip to Katsucon 2012 starts here!  Coverage you can count on, here at Linus Lam Network News!

Highlights: Various live programming events kept the attendees well-covered throughout the weekend. Guests of Honor included Kazuha Oda/Kazha, Kiryu, Symphonic Anime Orchestra, The Clockwork Dolls, Christopher Ayres, Greg Ayres, Christopher Bevins, Richard Epcar, Josh Grelle, Kyle Hebert, Ellyn Stern, J. Michael Tatum, Yaya Han, Linda Le, Meagan Marie, Izumi Matsumoto, Jan Scott-Frazier, Stan Sakai, T. Campbell, Danielle Corsetto, Chris Flick, Garth Graham, Harknell, Phil Kahn, Randy Milholland, Onezumi, Robert V. Aldrich, Studio Kojokan, The Geek Comedy Tour, Steve Yun, and DJ Allkore.  Main events included Cosplay Contest, Anime Music Videos, Maid Cafe, Karaoke Contest, Dances, Concerts, World Cosplay Summit, Anime Trivia Shows, Cosplay Chess, Katsucon Idol, Charity Auction, Anime Dating Game, and much more.  Panels and Workshops included Pokemon Meet and Greet, Masquerade Skit Building, Japanese Pro Wrestling, International Relations with Hetalia, More Than Meets the Eye: Transformers, Cosplayer Nation, Gaia Online, Giant Robot Rumble, Anime vs. The World, Critical Look at Modern Con-goer, Anime Old Geezers, Evangelion Deconstructed, Robotech, Digital vs. Print, My Little Pony: So you wanna be a Brony?, Yaoi Quiz Time, Anime Jerry Springer Show, Gaming Revolution, Intro to Cosplay Modeling, Corsets for Cosplay, Steampunk to Cyberpunk, Crossdressing for Girls, Webcomics as a Career, Touhou Project, Politics and Philosophy in Ghibli Films, Translation Anime and Manga, Nintendo Since 1989, Mythbusters Anime Edition, Otaku Around the World, Fanfiction Crossovers, Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos, Intro to Japanese Language, Pocket Gaming, Analyzing Anime 101, 10 Tips for Cosplay Beginners, Voicing Anime, Makeup Styling and Wig Cutting for Cosplay, Hetalia History, Copyrights for Artists, Steampunk Costuming, Legend of Zelda, 90s Anime Revival, Cosplaying on a Budget, Cosplay Sociology, Convention and Cosplay Etiquette, Con Horror Stories, How to Spot Bootleg Merchandise, Video Games and Teaching, Japanese Pop Culture, Parent's Guide to Anime, Anime Rant, Hentai Panel, Judaism and Anime, Japanese Voice Lessons, Traveling in Japan, Making Video Games, Plus-Sized Cosplay, Harley's Mad Tea Party, Coloring with Copic Markers, Writing Techniques, Creating a Character, Photoshop for Comic Artists, and much more.

Cosplay: This year's trip to Katsucon saw lots of inspired costumes from numerous anime and manga characters and more! Chart-topping displays for this year included characters from Magika Madoka, Skyward Sword, Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, Tiger and Bunny, Pokemon, Hetalia, Touhou Project, Caroline, My Little Pony, Bleach, Black Butler, Blue Exorcist, Vocaloid, Final Fantasy, Soul Eater, and much more! 
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Miscellaneous: From Artists Alleys to Art Shows, Interactive Gaming events to Video Screening rooms, Anime Music Videos to casual conversations with esteemed Guests of Honor, shopping inside the Dealers Hall to Charity events, you can always find something to do at Katsucon.  

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