The most popular parts of the anime convention scene are the panels and discussion groups that speak out for unique interests pertaining to the hobbyist in all of us.  This year at Katsucon, numerous panels packed in the crowds to listen in and emphasize fan participation.  In this section of the convention environment, we'll show you some of the exciting panels to be at throughout the busy weekend schedule.

KatsuCon 10
Panels and Discussions 1

Megatokyo: You heard it right, folks.  The Fred has finally tied the knot.  Fans from far and wide joined in the stage celebration and then proceeded with the usual line of questions and answers regarding the artist's ever-changing life and how it influences the hit webcomic adventure and its notable characters thus so far.

Hidenori Matsubara: Mr. Matsubara still ranks high in the animation industry circles, cranking out hits such as Ah! My Goddess and Sakura Taisen.  Topics featured views on fan enthusiasm, animation schooling background, networking within GAINAX, 18 years of working with the same people, character designer secrets, and mulling over the philosophical and economical debate of hand-drawn anime vs. digital anime.

Cosplay Presentation: Giant crustaceans and fire breathing dragons are nothing new to Marty Gear, who led an excellent history and discussion on the most amazing costume stage presentations all using the art of illusion.  Topics also included taking note of stage sizes, diligent practice sessions, accidentally leaving parts on stage, and using the element of surprise without surprising the Masquerade Director.
WebComics: Everyone who yearns to someday become a great artist can breathe a little more freely now that the internet lets eager fans share webcomics and be just a little closer to the spotlight cast upon the holy Megatokyo.  Fred also attended with many aspiring and successful webcomic artists to answer questions about choosing characters, story development, ISP costs, and keeping up with the fan communities.

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