From the big Game Shows to Workshops to everything else in between, KatsuCon 10 packed in a load of fan-run events sure to get your otaku brain cells alive.  Major events included Opening Ceremonies, Anime Music Videos, Martial Arts demonstrations, Art and Charity Auctions, and big game shows like: American Anime, Sale of the Century, Anime Win Lose or Draw, The GRIDD, 25,000 Pyramid and Win Richard Kim's Pocky, Anime Press Your Luck, Where Did That Reference Come From?, Anime Block Busters, and more!  More, you say?  Well, yeah... the Masquerade!

KatsuCon 10
Main Events 1

Masquerade Cosplay Contest: It's time to get groovy and shake that booty!  This year's KatsuCon Masquerade had a great roundup of excellent stage performances and workmanship displays that would definitely knock anyone's socks off.  Cosplay judges included Marty Gear, Newton Ewell, Barb Fisher, and Bob Baranek.  Cosplays were inspired by shows such as: Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Rayearth, Naruto, Evangelion, Bakuretsu Hunter, Ranma, Tenchi Muyou, Utena, Ah! My Goddess, Ronin Warriors, Inuyasha, Gundam Seed, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Lunar 2, Castlevania, Alichino, Pokemon, Sakura Taisen, Sailor Moon, Guilty Gear XX, GaoGaiGar, Saiyuki, and much more!

Shown below and in the following pages were some of the highlights of the big KatsuCon 10 Masquerade Cosplay Contest Night.

 The power of The One vs. Voodoo?  Darth Vader and Doctor Ito duel for Masquerade emcee supremacy!

 #3: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Cloud vs. Sephiroth Gackt performance and always with the killing of Aeris
Winner!  Best Presentation Novice

 #6: Marvel vs. Capcom shows the latest cross-gaming ensemble as the best of the best fighters duke it out!
Winner!  Presentation Honorable Mention
 #7: Summoner Yuna sings the famous FFX theme song and elegantly performs the water ritual
Winner!  Judges Choice Presentation Award 
 #8: Just who IS The One?  The ultimate Ronin Warrior battles Matrix's Seraph and loses... his girl!
Winner!  Best in Class Novice Presentation Award and Workmanship Judge's Choice Award
 #10: Berserker Paine shows off the beast version of the well-known character from Final Fantasy X-2
Winner!  Novice Best in Class Workmanship Award

And this is only the beginning!  Let's see more of the show!

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