LLNN's trip to KatsuCon 10 enjoyed all the glorious sights of costumes inspired by current anime and manga trends.  This weekend's fabulous characters come from such popular hits like Ah! My Goddess, Final Fantasy, Naruto, .hack, Castlevania, Sailor Moon, Digi Charat, and many more!  Please enjoy this year's cosplay galleries and applaud all the costumers who came to strut their stuff and show their anime spirit!

KatsuCon 10
Gallery 140

Winner!  Masquerade Director's Award, Craftsman Honorable Mention for Documentation, and Craftsman Honorable Mention for Excellence in Reproduction

Winner!  Presentation Honorable Mention Award
Winner!  Craftsman Honorable Mention for Dragon Armor Workmanship

Winner!  Presentation Honorable Mention and 2 Novice Honorable Mentions for Workmanship (Skuld's hammer and Banpei-kun)

Winner!  Judges Choice Presentation Award
Winner!  Novice Best in Class Workmanship Award

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