Have no fear of convention life, people.  There's plenty to see and do!  Swap Meets gathered up a few fans willing to trade in their anime and manga paraphernalia for something of your stack?  Art Shows showed off the latest masterpieces inspired by popular shows and mangas to hit the fan community.  Modeling Contests exhibited the latest mechas and figurines.  Iron Artist kept the spirit alive combining artistic competitiveness and secret ingredients!  For the Elegant Gothic Lolita cosplayers, the casual Sunday Tea Party Picnic enjoyed plenty of herbal togetherness.  Cosplay.com and FansView.com had tables out for the hard-working cosplayers eager to see their latest costume displays captured on prints at each end of the big day.  Musicians performed for passersby and casual fans staked out spots to draw for a bit of relaxation.  And what ho!  We didn't forget that Saturday was Valentine's Day!  You'd have to be blind not to notice the dozens of roses and big red heart-shaped balloons that were around to lighten up the busy KatsuCon 2004 weekend.

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