Japan Expo 2002 held a wide variety of traditional and popular culture performances throughout Saturday and Sunday, including the following: Tayu Parade, Sailor Jamboree (performing live singing and dancing to songs of Sera Myu including Moon Revenge, Sailor War!, LINK, Knockin' Down Hesitation, Chasin' After You, Densetsu Seitan, and Moonlight Densetsu), Taiko, Koto, Tea Ceremony, Kyoto, California Sushi Academy offering "Free Sushi Classes", Manga Seminar, Takashi Yamamoto Comic Artist, Anime Theater, Takashi Yamamoto, Sushi World, Make-up Show Beauty Fair, Noh-mai, Voice Actor Yuuki Hiro Show, Posture Lecture, Best of Japan Award Ceremony, Sushi Chef Mr. Yamada Show Sushi World Sushi Chef Mr. Yamada Show Sushi World, Sushi Hayagui (fast-eating) competition, Anime Costume Show, Reggae Band, and Misa Jonouchi's Piano Concert.

The Anime Costume Show had a nice amount of participants for a first-time effort staffed by members of Sailor Jamboree and judged by Tristen Citrine, Lisa Honeychan, Hiro Yuuki, Takashi Amano, And Yoji Mitsuhama.  Entries came from such popular shows and video games like Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy X, Weib Krueb, Rurouni Kenshin, Sakura Taisen, Mortal Kombat, Chobits, Kingdom Hearts, and much more!  Winners for this event are listed: 5th Place to Saito from Rurouni Kenshin and Esmeralda, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon; 4th Place to Merry XMas Mana; 3rd Place to Yuna from Final Fantasy X, 2nd Place to Raiden from Mortal Kombat; and 1st Place to Dual Squalls from Kingdom Hearts performing their Yatta! dance.

Japan Expo 2002


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