Not to be deterred by the December downpour of rain, registration doubled its efforts to get many attendees quickly registered in time to see many of the wide range of performances, meeting guests, going to the Dealers Room, and enjoying all the things that JTAF had to offer.  JTAF featured a game room, artists alley with plenty to offer to the casual art aficionado, video screening rooms showing the latest releases from sponsors, and fans could get autographs from their favorite Guests of Honor, and of course, it's not a con without some fan-produced musical delight including the Random Ninjas, USA Musume, and Stephanie Yanez.  JTAF also featured a couple of workshops and panels featuring Mari Iijima, AX Idol Winners Stephanie Yanez and Julie Goldstein, Mochi Pounding Demonstration, World of Anime, Introduction to the Japanese Language, Introduction to Voice Acting, and more.  Dealers attending this year included: YesAnime, Tao Toys, Anime V, Broccoli International USA, Animeish,, Cartoon Passion, Digital Discs, LLC, J-Rock Connection, Nikaku Japanese Arts, Angry Guy Art Studios, and Queen of Caps.

Japantown Anime Festival 2005
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