Open for business!  The booths were packed and business was brisk with many of the following anime and manga dealers attending FanimeCon 2004: Anime Depot, Anime Link, Anime Pavilion, Anime Mail Order, Anime Palace, Anime Gamers, Anime Combo, Cartoon Passion, Comics One, Comic Cellar, Digital Discs, Noonchester Art, Drunken Master, Eye Candy Goods, Mikado, Yes Anime, Studio Proteus, Planet Anime, Paradigm, WizzyWig, House of Anime,, Stone Bridge Press, Nikaku Animart, Media Blasters, Manga Entertainment, Precious Toys and Gifts, Red Octane, Pen Pals, FUNimation Productions, GAINAX, ExpertDV, Bandai  Entertainment, Yaoi-Con, I.C. Entertainment, EigoManga, Foreign Expressions, and many more.

FanimeCon 2004
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