Fanime Con 2003 had a whole slew of panels, discussion groups, classroom gatherings, industry sessions, and Guest Q&As to attend to throughout the weekend. Whether you were into cosplay or just wanted to chit chat with your favorite Guests of Honor, the panels and discussions were a great way to educate yourself and see all the work that happens in the anime fan and industry communities.

Fanime Con 2003
Panels and Discussions 1

Japanese 101: A Japanese language linguist was on hand to discuss the values and simple lessons to learn it an easier way.  Topics included grammar, cultural nuances, onatomatopeia, various slangs, gender differences in speaking, and much more.

Learn to Play Go: An expert on the game taught the audience origins, advanced techniques, strategies, tactics, classic battles, and even simple rules and basic attacks for the newbies as well as review the best and most effective moves for the veteran Go players.

Anime Improv: A healthy mix of comedy thrown in with cosplay and pure random insanity led the Anime Improv to deliver 
a very amusing panel full of wild role-playing and great fun for all.  Participants raced for time to act out numerous scenes and 
various favorite anime characters for the audience enjoyment.

Cel Painting Workshop: Steve Bennett hosted another big roundup of anime enthusiasts wanting to get in on the 
classic cel-painting action that really drives the collector's spirit of cel gatherings.  From newbies to cel-paiting veterans 
needing a little refresher, this workshop was definitely the place to be to relax and even listen on Steve's great war stories!

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