Fanime 2003 has only two major events that audiences show up for: the Anime Music Videos Contest.. and the Der Cosplay Masquerade Night!  Here in two complete pages are highlights of the show along with short descriptions.  Much congratulations to all those excellent stage performances and cosplay fandom that helped make Fanime the place for fan frenzy!

Fanime Con 2003
Masquerade Night Page 2

Anime Fortress Cosplay presented Fushigi Yugi's Bishounen's Suzaku, Sesshii, and the Universe of the Four Gods Make-UP!

Mini Magical Girls from Sailor Moon SuperS presented their young entrants version of Sailor Moon stage performance.

The elves of Lodoss performed a classic operatic and ballet dance performance to the tune of the epic Record of Lodoss Wars theme song.

Characters from Hikaru no Go are on yet another quest to conquer another great tournament.  But what else is there?  Dance Dance Revolution!

AMC presented classic characters from Grandia II in a nice and stylish walk-on display of technical prowess.

Fanime Home Shopping Network presented Dieter's new toy: Fangirl Totoro with her very own Deiter Doll complete with Deiter glomping action.

Fallen Stars characters of Phantasy Star Online count down the seconds to power up for the next quest.  And the ultimate party quest is Yatta!

USA Musume presented Renai Revolution 21 from Morning Musume's rising collection of fan favorite songs for the energetic J-pop masses.

Elegant Gothic Lolitas take on a new form of morbid entertainment with an inspiring and haunting performance of dancing dolls and marionettes.

Armitage performs a stage act sure to... excite those fanboys out there.  We'll leave it to your imagination.

Cardboard tube samurai valiantly evil ninja fanboys bent on stealing Deiter's Totoro.  It's Game Over!

Sakura Mochi presented an insane Final Fantasy X side quest with monsters and moogles and mixed-up characters, oh my!

Oh, those lovely vixens from Galaxy Fraulein Yuna beat away rabid fanboys while singing and dancing to I'm Too Sexy.
What can I do for you?  Jyao Army presented a reenactment of FFX-2 dance sequence along with a classic "I will always love yoooou~~" song by Whitney Houston.
Gundam Wing's Epiyon shows off his perfect ultimate grade Bandai Action Satisfaction!  Complete with bishounen pilot, some assembly required.
Unfortunately we were so busy capturing more pictures outside, we missed out on capturing the entire list of Cosplay Awards, but you can visit Fansview or the Fanime website for all the results.  Congratulations to all the entries for this year's fantastic Fanime 2003 Masquerade show!

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