Spirited attendees of Fanime 2003 enjoyed a wealth of major events and activities throughout the weekend.  Many of the most interesting aspects could be found at various times and places according to the weekend schedule.  Video rooms showed the latest releases from the anime industry.  Merchandising had a wide selection of shirts and paraphernalia to sell to show your Fanime Con spirit.  Art Show found a load of excited artists ready to show off their masterpieces.  Game tournaments are never scarce and neither were the lines for the DDR machine in the Video Game Arcade room.  And for those who needed a quick break from Japan, they could stop by the Hong Kong Cinema Experience room and watch a host of dramas, martial arts, cop shows, romantic comedies, and action-adventures.

Fanime Con 2003
Convention Extras

Information Desk: Can't find out where the Dealers Hall is?  Where is Video Room 4 and what are they showing in there?  Where're the Autograph Sessions being held?  Nearest place to eat outside of the hotel?  The very helpful Information Desk was able to answer these and much more.

Hall Entertainment: Ramen and Rice displayed their masterful skills of violin and cello accompaniment for the hall masses.  A delightful addition to any anime convention, especially for the crowds of new fans who want a glimpse into what makes going to a con so much fun.

Additional Video Programming:

Old School Classics (pre-1990): Mazinger Z, Urusei Yatsura, and much more from the old skool of anime fandom!

Kid's Programming: A special kids programming block was open to all kids with staff-picked selections very appropriate for their healthy young lives!

Adult Screenings: 2 nights of hentai marathons! ID Check enforced, of course.  Now all you crazy adults can be relieved that you were not forgotten.

More special screenings shown care of Bandai Entertainment, Urban Vision, and Manga Entertainment: Spirit of Wonder, Junkers Come Here, Love Hina Spring Movie, .Hack//SIGN, Scryed, Kikaider, Please Teacher, Geneshaft, Meltylancer, Argentosoma, Blue Submarine, Fancy Lala, Ninja Scroll, Bio Hunter, The Cockpit, Wicked City, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Read or Die, and Kaidohmaru.

Internet Lounge: A nice addition to the con was the Internet Lounge where fans could grab a seat, look up the latest FansView pics, check their e-mail, read the news, or just chat with and nag friends who could'nt make it to the big Fanime 2003.

Trading Post: Sell sell sell!  Buy buy buy!  Fans got a chance to sell or buy or trade tons of artbooks, cards, posters, 
cosplay materials, videos, wallscrolls, manga, filmbooks, various toys, models kits, cels, and much more!  A veritable paradise 
for the el cheapie fans who're on a budget and don't mind slightly-used anime items for their collections.

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