The anime and manga industry is an ever-changing climate of innovative technologies and stylish themes coupled with extravagant artwork and adventurous stories.  From mecha shows to shoujo media, from distribution companies to game wizards, and from the vast information resources on the Internet to interactive Q&A sessions with Guests of Honor, Fanime Con's schedule of social interest forums packed in many fans listening in on or actively participating in discussions or fun social activities.

Fanime Con 2001
Sunday Panels 2

Above and below: Sera Myu the Sailor Moon Musicals hosted by the Sailor JAM-boree cosplay group gave information about upcoming events and interviews with the popular and lovely Japanese actresses behind the long-running stage musicals.  Panel members included (left to right) Mari, Emily, Charlene, Diana, Gina, and Chrissy.  Audience members got to watch plenty of video clips from the Sera Myu shows and follow-ups on how to get show tickets when visiting Japan.  Additional highlights also included presentations on the extensive collection of Sera Myu paraphernalia (some special from the 550th show), information and stories about Sailor JAM-boree visits to Anime North (which would also be hosting an "Animyu North" show marathon), AX, Ani-Magic, and Fanime, the elaborate construction of the Sera Myu costumes, and a welcome visit from Taiki Kou of fellow cosplay group Senshi Mysterious who personally presented Sailor JAM-boree with an award for inspiration.  For more information about Sera Myu or the SJam cosplay group, you can check out Sailor JAM-boree's website at:
Yaoi: opening up with a quartet of fans singing "Living in a Yaoi World" to the tune of Madonna's "Material Girl", ardent fans of the yaoi genre gathered together to speak about their favorite sexy characters from popular series such as Fushigi Yuugi, Gundam Wing, Ranma 1/2, Devilman, and Card Captor Sakura.  Sometimes misunderstood, the yaoi genre is basically stories about combining same-sex relationships with favorite anime and manga characters.
World of Anime: Independent anime cable broadcasters unite!  World of Anime staff presented for their fans and newcomers youthful insight into the depths of otaku spirit on their own public access cable channel.  Featuring exclusive video interviews with such luminaries like Bruce Campbell, Jessica Calvello, Amanda Winn Lee, and various anime convention staffers and attendees, World of Anime continues to show off their newest and coolest fan fun parodies and video trips to all the anime conventions, appealing to both hardcore and new anime fans who yearn for crazy escapism.  Great stuff to see and more at their website:
So You Want to be a Voice Actor: think you got what it takes to be Linna from Slayers?  Usagi from Sailor Moon?  Maybe even *shock!* Kasumi from Ranma 1/2?  Then this was the place to see how the true geniuses of the voice acting industry teach proper vocal skills as a large gathering of fans got the chance to study up on lip syncing, timing, proper acting, and flowing with the atmosphere of the anime show's scene. 

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