The anime and manga industry is an ever-changing climate of innovative technologies and stylish themes coupled with extravagant artwork and adventurous stories.  From mecha shows to shoujo media, from distribution companies to game wizards, and from the vast information resources on the Internet to interactive Q&A sessions with Guests of Honor, Fanime Con's schedule of social interest forums packed in many fans listening in on or actively participating in discussions or fun social activities.

Fanime Con 2001
Sunday Panels 1

Cultural History of Japan: Gilles Poitras (left) and Fred Patten (right) spoke about the social requirements for success in Japan, stressing on factors such as harsher academics, tighter relationships around family and friends, and ancient traditional philosophies that carry on well into the future. Doujinshi: Japanese Self-Publishing: Jason Thompson of Viz's Pulp Magazine spoke to aspiring manga artists about the great Comic Market in Japan and how to go from concepts and ideas to finding a publisher and releasing a product for the masses of Japanese or American manga readers.
The Joy of Cosplay hosted by Senshi Mysterious: (left to right) Kathy, Claudine, and JoAnne, big fans of the Sailor Moon anime and manga and Sera Myu Stage Musicals, gave their members and fans info on upcoming cosplay ideas and stories about their convention trips to Nan Desu Con, AX, and Fanime.  They've considered other cool anime conventions, but no definite word yet.  With a raffle of prizes, they also showed off a photo album of group gatherings and fan art.  For more information, you can check out their website at:
Viz: For General Audiences: Animerica Extra editor and manga translator Bill Flanagan (left), Jason Thompson (center) and Carl Gustav Horn (right) of Viz's Pulp Magazine spoke about the popularity of current and future releases including more Gundam, Pokemon, DragonBall Z, No Need for Tenchi, Silent Mobius, Unamaki, Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yuugi, Evangelion, and much more.  You can check out Viz's website at: Shitajiki: diving into the wide world of Japanese pencil boards was a welcome opportunity for new fans to find new anime trinkets to collect and care for.  Plastic sheets printed with characters from favorite anime shows, Shitajikis rank up next to collecting anime cels and artbooks.  And of course, for some of the audience, the next stop was the Dealer's Room!

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