The anime and manga industry is an ever-changing climate of innovative technologies and stylish themes coupled with extravagant artwork and adventurous stories.  From mecha shows to shoujo media, from distribution companies to game wizards, and from the vast information resources on the Internet to interactive Q&A sessions with Guests of Honor, Fanime Con's schedule of social interest forums packed in many fans listening in on or actively participating in discussions or fun social activities.

Fanime Con 2001
Saturday Panels 2

Guest of Honor Spotlight: Stan Sakai, creator of the lovable Usagi Yojimbo samurai rabbit manga series, spoke about the historical basis for his popular series, doing extensive research on Japanese Samurai warriors and clans, giving tips on quick storyboards for plot development, and gave insight on how his characters were chosen for their animal counterparts. Guest of Honor Spotlight: Adam Warren, creator of the very popular American manga version of Dirty Pair spoke about the original anime versus his manga, his focus on lips (he admitted it gives a bizarre Angelina Jolie look, but maybe that's a good thing), and stressed the need for young aspiring manga artists to be able to innovate and be creative with traditional or original characters. 
Mari Iijima takes time out to thank her fans with a cool autograph session.  Pulling out books and posters, fans lined up ready for a quick signature from this amazing pop diva. "Curse" (right) of LLNN-California Unit can't resist to get her own cool Mari autograph as well.
Studio Ironcat let fans in on its plans for world domination with the release of a Kitty Cosplay Calendar as well as future manga releases their audiences can't get enough of.  Formed four years ago, Ironcat paved the way towards focusing on a reader base that already knew about Japanese culture and wanted to dive into the rich sea of manga titles. Introduction to Anime for Parents: led by luminary parents Mari Iijima (left) and Stan Sakai (right) with help from Fred Patten (center), the very helpful discussion led into the heart of family values, American vs. Japanese cultural differences, and the lack of a consistent ratings system for television in Japan.
Whew!  The day's not over yet!  The Anime Trivia Quiz Show carries on to the next day, with a little help from a stuffed e-sheep.  Someone here at LLNN studio really wants to know where you could buy that plushie...  ^_^;;;

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