The anime and manga industry is an ever-changing climate of innovative technologies and stylish themes coupled with extravagant artwork and adventurous stories.  From mecha shows to shoujo media, from distribution companies to game wizards, and from the vast information resources on the Internet to interactive Q&A sessions with Guests of Honor, Fanime Con's schedule of social interest forums packed in many fans listening in on or actively participating in discussions or fun social activities.

Fanime Con 2001
Saturday Panels 1

The FanFiction panel, hosted by (left to right) Jim Lazar, Peter Ford, Joseph Palmer, and Christopher J. Olsen, started up the Saturday morning discussion schedule with topics delving into fiction ideas, anime inspirations, writer's block, copyright concerns on and off the Internet, side stories, parodies, crossover appeal, proofreading concerns, dealing with long stories, simplifying character development, describing action scenes, powerful use of imagery to set the scene, and final editing before releasing to the audiences.
So You Want to be a Voice Actor: (left to right) Tiffany Grant, Taliesin Jaffe, Jonathan Klein, Greg Weisman, and Jonathan Osbourne spoke about the hard efforts and rigors it takes to become a voice actor/actress in the entertainment industry.  Take sage advice from the experts: maintaining a good voice all the time is key to being successful and it takes a lot of personal sacrifices and discipline to stick to studio schedules and repeated takes.
Guest of Honor Spotlight: Mari Iijima spoke about her personal and professional history, venturing into new projects like MTV's Spyder Games and how life has accelerated in a great direction for her since her last album's release.  You can check out her website at: Bandai Entertainment: It's not just about Gundam or Digimon anymore, or is it?  Jerry Chu lets Bandai fans in on the newest releases and projects in the near future as well as receiving input from fans on what they'd like to see in the DVD market.  You can check out the website at:

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