Three times bigger and better than 2000, Fanime Con 2001 set a new benchmark for themselves in terms of handling a surging crowd of cosplayers and attendees hot for the Dealers Room and then some.

Fanime Con 2001
Miscellaneous Alien Sightings and Commentary

Yessir, lines.  You can't avoid 'em and they will eventually creep up on you as any popular anime convention grows.  Fortunately, Fanime Con is blessed every year with nice weather and many fan groups to hang out with and chat with while waiting for a chance to scope the packed Dealers Room.  Don't worry, fans, there's plenty of purchases to be made when you get inside.  In this day and age of surging populations of spendthrifty otakus, you can be sure no anime dealer would be caught dead running low on any of their merchandise! 
Above and below: Lost?  Need to know where the Video Theaters are?  Just wanna check up on the coolest parties to visit later on at night?  Or maybe you had a post to make about cel-trading?  Fanime Con had plenty of boards and tables set out to help you find what you need or at least show you what you've been missing all these years.
It's all about the cute backpacks, girls.  Quite fashionable and ready to pack in tons of schoolbooks, this year's line opened up with scores of Totoros and Pikachus. Did you get a chance to buy a 5XL band groupie T-shirt yet?  No?  Well, what are you waiting for?  Chico says, "buy our cool shirts and come get your groove on with me and the ladies!"  And go visit their website at: For tidy sum of a few bucks, weary attendees could grab a quick bite to eat at the Hotel sandwich and pizza bar.  
Whoa!  Cosplayers abound!  And photographers leaped out with cameras at every turn ready to catch a fleeting glimpse of the colorful parade of fan excitement.
Bold and stylish, the Program Book offered plenty to keep track of this year to get to know the Guests, panels, and events ahead of time. Pre-registered members get this cool badge!  OK, now you know what to do next time!
Shown above: the Fanime Con karaoke staff.  Certainly not the entire staff of FanimeCon, but we'd just like to make sure our viewers remember all these hardworking souls who sacrifice huge amounts of days and free time to put on a great weekend for you!  Give them a smile and a round of applause!

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