So you spent way too much time and money in the Dealers Room.  You probably thought, is that all there is to do at an anime convention?  Spend money to spend more money?  No way!  In case you didn't wander the halls enough, Fanime Con 2001 also had a Hong Kong Action Video Theater, regular anime Video Theaters, plenty of Gaming rooms, Karaoke, Cel-Painting workshops, tons of panels to sit in and learn about the anime community, an Anime Trivia Quiz Show, Concerts by Mari Iijima and 5XL, a Japanese Tea Ceremony, and much more!  And if nothing else, any amount of free time was the best chance to hang out with friends and step away from the outside world a bit to enjoy a cool anime weekend.

Fanime Con 2001
Extra Stuff to do!

Got artistic talents to share with the crowds?  Perhaps you have something really cool you'd like to display and make some money while you enjoy the convention?  Art Show was the place to be! How could anyone possibly miss the Dance Dance Revolution machines in the Video Gaming Room?  Open all day and night, tons of fans lined up to score big on the virtual dance floor and amaze onlookers with their mad dance moves as well! Carrying on well into the wee hours of the night, the Karaoke Room was always wide open for those attendees with way too much caffeine in their systems to sleep and plenty of friends to egg them into singing some classic anime or J-pop hits.
Hanging out with the Phoenix SeeD cosplay group and World of Anime was a welcome chance to goof around with good buddies and get to know many new faces behind the online board screen names.

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