Exhibitors Hall was located in the lobby level of the Marriott Marquis Hotel.  Exhibit booths were similar to the Dealers except that the focus was more on exceptional artworks and designers and industry-leading distributors like games and special art galleries.

Dragon*Con 2004
Exhibitors Gallery 1

Exhibitors for Dragon*Con included: Abbyshot Clothiers, ACS Gamefest Series, Anime Depot/ King Roach, Artemis Leather, Achella, Adventure Retail, Attic Adventures, Austin Leather Works, BLC, Bead-Azzled, Belle & Blade Video, Brute Force Leather, Captains Comics, Cartoon Passion, Chick Corea, Cool Stuff, Coffee Shop of Horrors, Dragonpad, Dragonís Nest, Dreamworks Pictures, Durweigh Galleries, Earth Wisdom, Edgework Imports, Elloraís Cave Publishing, Elmore Productions, Fantasy Fashions, Fool Moon Treasures, Fossil, Funcom, The Grand Illumination, GWB, Hash, Inc., Holistic Design, Hollywood Book-Poster Co., Honeck Sculpture, House of Anime, iUniverse, Keegan Prints, Kudzu Book Traders, Laughing Pan Productions, Likely Lotus, Loney Labs, McFarland & Co., Mansour Designs, Master Replicas, Metal Dude, The Missing Volume, Museum Replicas, Nethercraft, Oak Leaf Collectibles, Olivia, Pegasus Publishing, Renderosity, Rotten Cotton Graphics, Starbase 21, Styliní, Sovereign Press, The Dragonís Horde, Titan Games, Tom Savini, Troma Entertainment, Unique Visions, Utilikilts, V.J. Collectibles, White Wolf Publishing, Inc, Wizard Entertainment, and Wiz Kids.

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