We doubt even the most hardiest Dragon*Con attendee can keep up with all the wild and crazy events and fandom that hits the Atlanta area every year.  From huge gaming events to the parade, gazing at the items in the Dragon*Con shop (we bought a shot glass, yay!), and sitting down to some delightful Dragon*Con bards, the weekend seemed almost as big as a week!  Believe me, I wouldn't be surprised if corrections were emailed for missing things!  Dragon*Con was just so big and it's scheduled to get even bigger with surging popularity with all the science fiction and fantasy fandom that grows every year.  Here's to another year of Dragon*Con splendor and we'll be there!

Dragon*Con 2004
Dragon Activities

Dragon's Education: Panels and Discussions are some of the biggest draws at Dragon*Con, and numerous tracks this year included: American SF Media, Anime Programming, British SF Media, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Comics Programming, Electronic Frontiers Forum, Filk Singing, Gothic Journeys, Independent Film, Robotics Programming, Science Fiction Classics, Space & Science, Star Trek: TrekTrak, Star Wars: Matters of the Force, Tolkien's Middle-earth, The North American Tribe, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, Weyrfest, Writers' Track, X-Track, and Young Adult Literature.

Art Show and Art Auctions: Think you had your fill of the literature and electronics explosions in the writers and robotics areas?  Some of the artistic features could be found in the big Dragon*Con Art Show and Exhibits area located in the Marriott Marquis Hotel where attendees could bid on their favorite masterpieces.  Those with a yearning to be more expressive about their art could also contribute pieces into the Art Show and hopefully make a few bucks or more.  And it doesn't hurt to keep a lookout for prospective buyers who happen to be in the industry looking for an experienced artist to hire.
Notable Interactive Events: Buffy Speed Dating, Stargate SG-1 10th Anniversary Social, Wheel of Time Olympics and Weakest Spoke Trivia, Mythic Fundamentals Workshop, Filmmakers Gathering, Muppets Memorial, Everquest Gathering, Wyrefest Gathering, Hotlanta Rebel's 2004 Mr. Star Wars Contest, Dragon*Con Scavenger Hunt, Anarchy Online Gathering, Babylon 5 Music Videos, Happy Hour at Ten Forward, Buffy Carnival, Star Wars Costume Workshop, Dragon*Con Charity Auction for Muscular Dystrophy, 2004 Miss Klingon Beauty Pageant, How to Draw Anime Workshop, Delicate Art of Vacuforming, and of course, when it's aaaallll over, there's the Dead Dragon Party.

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