This is LLNN intrepid guest reporter Lindze signing on to tell everyone I SO RULE.  Well, that and holy crud, people, why were you not at Dragon*Con is beyond me, 'cause this is where the party's at!  We've got wacky space aliens, KISS, freakin' Strawberry Shortcake, hot goth chicks, Hollywood celebrities, and other fantasmorgraphical shinangans invading the grand palaces of this Dragon's Lair.  So if you're not here and you'd rather be oh uhhmm... BUSY mowing the lawn, shopping for clothes you don't need, or heaven forbid, watching football, well that's fine.  But you know I'll send those crazy space aliens after you and I swear to God, they'll find a way to make you drink Fanta soda.  I told you, I rule.

Dragon*Con 2004
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