Dealers Hall was set up in the lowest level of the Marriott Marquis Hotel.  Nearly every booth was filled to capacity with movie memorabilia, posters, sculptured artwork, toys, games, specialty clothing and accessories, fetish ware, costume accessories, comics, and tons more.

Dragon*Con 2004
Dealers Gallery 1

Dealers attending Dragon*Con 2004 included: Anime Palace, Aradani Studios, Arsenal Models, Badali Jewelry Specialties Inc., Bastís Garden, Battyís Best Games & Comics, Borders Group, Inc., Braziní Lady Custom Bronze Creations, CCC Promotions, Chimera Publishing, Circle Works,, Colossal Games, Costume Coture, Crazy Edís Comics, D.F. Productions, Darkepoison Designs, Daveís Comics, Deep 13 Ltd., Dragonfire Studios, Dreamworks Leathers, Eclipse, Electric Eye Entertainment, Embroidered Fashions, Enrapturing Visions by Rosemary, For Collectors Only, Ginas Non & Sports & Gaming Cards, Glaidenphair, Heroís & Dragons, Immanion Press, J&J Enterprises, JCE Enterprises, Jesterr, Juniorís Comics & Cards, Jerry Ohlingerís Movie Memorabilia,, Laced Ltd., Linda Tran, Malinche Entertainment, Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks, Miniatures & Models, Moon Howler Productions, Moria Silver Co., Mostly Independents, Mystic Merchant, Nene Thomas Inc., Now and Then Comics, Odinís Cosmic Bookshelf, OffWorld Designs, Open Court, Outer Limits, Pandora & Pendragon, Premiere Collectibles Lightech, Queens Domain, RAK Graphics, Ravenwing Wearable Art, Reel Art, Redstone Publishing/ Zuzuís Petals, Rogues Tailor, Rowena, Ruth Thompsonís Tarnished Images Inc., Satyr Song, SighCo. Graphics, Silverscreen Collectibles, Simply Marvelous Stuff, Spiral Moon, Stan Bruns, Starbase Atlanta, Strike Zone, Sundreams & Myths, Super Giant Comics, T&G Books, Tangible Illusions/ Shellcat Studio, The Amber Fox, The Dragonís Keep, The Dragonís Lair, The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi, The Loverís Knot, The Mystical Unicorn, The Swordmark Co., The, Titan Games & Comics,, Triangle Cards, Troll & Toad, Twilight Creations, Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters, Yuki Pearl, Yum Yum Anime, Waiver Publishing, William Aksel Art, William Stout, and Wes Tillander.

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