OK, so you wanna go ANIME SHOPPING!  Well, then this is your kinda report!  If you're a casual anime fan and just want the goods, then Animate stores are located in all the places we visited: Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, etc, all located on the same rail line and within 5-20 minutes train ride between each other.  You just cannot miss these stores, they're big and have many floors packed with all the of the best and latest products: One-Piece, Prince of Tennis, Full Metal Alchemist, Gundam Seed, Fate/Stay Night, Bleach, Final Fantasy, Sanrio, Digi Charat, and so much more.  From manga to DVDs, wallscrolls to pencil boards, playing cards to plushies, Animate stores just can't be beat.  Now if you're a hardcore manga or doujinshi collector who can't make it to Comic Market, then make a beeline towards Mandarake, 1st Book, Kinokuniya, and K-Books, all located in Shibuya, Ikebukuro, or Akihabara.  San-X or Sanrio?  Sanrio shops are everywhere, but San-X products are a little bit harder to find and things like Nyanko-chans are found in department stores or small hobby shops (good luck, it was hard to find this stuff!).  For the cosplay fans, Cospa shops were kind of hard to find, but maps are available in most hobby books and those shops were found in Akihabara and Shibuya and boy, they were packed to the ceiling with everything you could possibly want in cosplay mechandise and accessories!  From elegant gothic lolita dresses to ready-to-wear Naruto jackets, Cospa is your source!  OK OK, so you're a BIG fan of the anime live musicals like Prince of Tennis, Sakura Taisen, Bleach, and more.  Times and places change, but they are generally located at exclusive theaters in Ikebukuro and Shinjuku and early bird fans are treated to the best seats in the house as tickets always sell out within hours.  The concerts themselves are quite a treat and additional special merchandise can be purchased at the event (note that these are never sold online or at any stores) and after the concert, fans can gather outside and wave adieu to the exiting actors/actresses as they board their busses.  For the Super Dollfie fans, the only place for you is Volks in Akihabara and we're pretty sure you won't leave as this place has literally everything you want and much more!  For robot/figurine modelers and PVC/resin kit collectors, you must check out Yellow Submarine, Kotobukiya, Kaiyodo, and Volks in Akihabara.  Spending just ONE day in Japan and just want ONE place to find it all?  Tsk tsk!  But never fear, it's a hard choice between Akihabara and Ikebukuro, but we'd recommend Ikebukuro for the first timers and Akihabara for the hardcore anime collectors (those with a little more cash to spend and searching for harder-to-find products).  Anyway, hope this article helped some of you out and good luck on your future journeys to Japan!

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