I'm HUNGRY!  haha  OK, so your stomach is crying out its dear soul for sustenance and your wallet is A-okay for something cheap or something a little more exquisite.  From ramen shops to upscale restaurants, you can be pretty sure there's no way you can go hungry.  For the play-it-safe westerner, there's McDonald's, Starbucks, T.G.I.Fridays, Yoshinoya, Wendy's, Denny's, and 7-Eleven.  For the more adventurous types, you've got your pick of the litter with smaller and more casual restaurants (just be sure to practice your Japanese!) that includes delicious bowls of curry, freshly cooked ramen noodles soaked in hearty broth, flan and exotic ice cream desserts.  Most menus are simple, just point and order.  But smaller ramen shops don't have pictures or English, so you're better off studying some Japanese first before even trying to speak broken Japanese to the waiters (many don't know English that well either).  Generally dishes cost around 450 yen (ramen bowl) to 1500 yen (whole meal).  Small desserts can go from 400 yen to 800 yen.  For the on-the-go shopper, vending machines are EVERYWHERE and the most common products are colas, water, teas, coffees, and various energy drinks and they cost about 120 yen to 150 yen.  Don't forget the money exchange rate to watch your spending: $1 US = 112 Yen as of 8/12/2005.

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