Located about 20 minutes train ride from Shibuya, Akihabara is the number one toy and hobbyist shopping dream in Japan, filled with all kinds of neat hobby stores, most of them appearing ordinary from the outside, but packed with all the great stuff inside.  The main attraction: the super low prices for the super cool stuff!  Popular stores include: Yellow Submarine, Kotobukiya, Volks and Kaiyodo (toys and modeler hobby), Cospa (cosplay apparel and accessories), Liberty (CDs, DVDs, LDs), First Point (tech-enthusiast hobby and computers), T-Zone (high end computer shopping), Animate (anime and manga), Digital Manga (anime and manga and the cozy Gamer's Cafe), and numerous other buildings with anime and manga literally packed to the ceilings and printed with low prices.  For the first-timers to the hardcore enthusiasts, Akihabara is the top spot to go crazy on the wallet or just cry if you've spent it all.  haha  Enjoy the tour of Akihabara!

Comic Market 68
Akihabara Gallery 1

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