Hello Kitty combined with Disneyland = Sanrio Puroland.  You ain't seen nothing yet!  Sanrio Puroland is located in Tama City in the far west end of Tokyo about 30 minutes train ride away from Shinjuku.  Tickets are about $20-35 (3000-4000 yen for adults, 2000-3000 for children) depending on what time of day you go and what you want to see.  Features include visits to all the exquisitely themed lands, photo opportunities with Hello Kitty's friends, gaming machines, train rides, themed cafeterias, amusement park rides, tons of shows, park attendants dressed up in the latest Hello Kitty fashions, and of course the really big Hello Kitty Gift Shop sporting all the Hello Kitty merchandise you can imagine.  But the biggest treats are the rare chance to have your picture taken with Hello Kitty herself (yes, it costs money) and a big tree to walk up and ring the Bell of Happiness and be blessed by Angel Kitty.  To all the Hello Kitty fans out there, this is by far, the ULTIMATE trip to Hello Kitty paradise.

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Sanrio Puroland
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