Ikebukuro is an anime and manga lovers paradise!  It is located in the center of Tokyo and is about 45 minutes train ride away from Narita airport (80 minutes by bus).  With streets upon streets of malls and shops and restaurants for both residents and foreigners alike, this is one place you should not miss.  Sunshine City 60 mall is host to NamjaTown, Ghibli outlet, One-Piece shop, a number of annual Japanese festivities with Hello Kitty and friends, and many awesome restaurants tuned for the young crowds.  Just outside the Sunshine City complex is Animate of anime, manga, and gaming sources, K-Books of new and used manga, the Sega building and lots more.  The Sega Gaming complex itself is packed with floors of UFO Catcher games, the latest video gaming machines, cosplay photo booths, manga shops, and the Sakura Cafe which is THE Sakura Taisen fan paradise.

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