One must applaud the staff of Comiket 64, not for their vocal superiority to keep everyone in line, but for the fact that they do keep everyone in line and manage to run the whole 300,000 people convention so smoothly even without memberships.  Of course, the culture is vastly different compared to American conventions; the fans are very understanding and no one makes any trouble because they all pretty much know what to get, wait their turns, and move on.  A simple and efficient process that, of course, would not work like other sci-fi cons in Japan and America that host panels, cosplay contests, ceremonies, and include esteemed guests of honor.  

Comiket 64
Comiket Staff Appreciation

Wearing orange armbands and hats with "Comiket 64", staff of Comiket included numerous line organizers who herded groups of thousands through the stairs to the convention halls, direction speakers with bullhorns pointing people into the right direction (cosplay? pro-manga?  amateur manga?  industry tables?), and even cosplay timers who would calmly break up large photographer areas if the traffic got too messy.  From setup to breakdown, this page is dedicated to all 2000+ CM64 staff who worked hard to make this convention a great success.

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