Enter Japan, the world of extreme efficiency, if you know how to get around.  Absolute number one rule when visiting any country different from your own: Learn the language.  Number two: understand the country's government.  Number three: understand the travel system.  Simple, huh?

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Armed with a healthy stash of yen, International Passport ID, train rail passes, a phone card (who knows when you'll one), a perusal of the really big and thick Comiket 64 catalog, a small towel (everyone has one to protect themselves from Japan's humid climate), and a pretty good sense of direction (established meeting points and train stations), LLNN was ready to set out and enjoy many sights and sounds Japan has to offer.  For the Comiket enthusiasts, Comiket 64 published its usual big and thick catalog as well as a special 2-disc e-Catalog which saves paper and costs for the average doujinshi fan.  When you get hungry of thirsty during your trip, there are plenty of great ramen noodle shops, posh restaurants, cafes, vending machines, and convenience stores (family Mart, 7-Eleven, SunKus, etc) to serve your needs.  Posters highlighting the latest anime and manga event craze are put up every now and then (there are so many every year) in the train stations.  Interests for the Japan-loving fans out there can take note of the capsule hotels, love hotels (oh, we don't even need to explain those), driver training buildings, cultural delights used as meeting places, and much more.  From day until night, Japan almost never sleeps.

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