Welcome to FFNN, the Fashionable Fishnet Ninja Network!  In this third installment of Char-Con cosplay lunacy, we embarked on a grand mission to seek out evil corrupted ghetto male egos and stand true to mad ninja cosplay skills!  The movie comic was a blast to shoot for cosplay comedy spoofing on so many levels and everyone had a lot of fun!  And adding a little bit of cosplay pizzazz, the comic also includes special guest star Wayne of American Cosplay Paradise as the Cosplay Overlord!

Char-Con 2002
Ninja Comic
Page 1

Cosplay Overlord Wayne: "Well, well... it seems today is a good day to cause a bit of commotion at the Fashionable Fishnet Ninja Network...  Time to send in the lackeys."

Ghetto Cosplay Ninja: "Nyah ha ha!  I shall use my ghetto wit and cunning skills to take over the Fashionable Fishnet Ninja Network and put the ghetto back into cosplay!  Muahahahaha!"
Ghetto Cosplay Ninja: "I have infiltrated the secret fortress of FFNN!  Hmmm!  Looks like the fridge is well-packed with food for my ghetto tummy!  Time to feed my ghetto attack skills!"

Ghetto Cosplay Ninja: "Nyah ha ha!  I have spotted a few victims in this cosplay party crap!  I shall use my ghetto ninja mind skills to corrupt their innocent minds!"

Ghetto Cosplay Ninja: "Brainsssss!!!"
Rose: "Yeah, whatever.  Take a bath, freak."
Ghetto Cosplay Ninja: "Bishounens must dieee!!!"
Cody: "What am I? Another relic for Alien Sightings?"

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