Having only one day to scope out everything only hours into the actual convention doesn't give you a lot of time to get a feel for the con, but we're pretty confident from a broad perspective of the line-up of features that Anime North 2005 provided that this con was a sure success.  From main events to games to panels and so much more, Anime North 2005 really gave fans something to do, unhindered by last year's weather and hotel snafus.

Anime North 2005

Main Events included Ceremonies with the Guests of Honor, Masquerade Skit Contest, Red and White Variety Show, 
Vic Mignogna's Full Metal Fantasy, Mystery Otaku Dating Game, Anime Improv, Dubs vs. Subs in 10 Rounds, 
Cosplay Photo Parade, Lamia Concert, Women of Anime, Gundam Guys, Dobsons Gone Wild, Anime 
Name That Tune, Para Para Flash, and more.

Panels and Discussions included Writers Block, Anime Clubs 101, Giant Robots, Cosplay Groups, Lemon Fics, 
Dir en Grey, J-Rock, Sense and Censorship, Conversational Japanese, Traveling in Japan, How to Survive an Anime Con, 
PlusSized Cosplay, Cosplay on a Budget, Stage Ninjas 101, Doujinshi, Hentai The Forbidden Genre, Webcomics, 
Fansubbing, Life and Times of Usagi Yojimbo, Anime Mascots, International Costuming Guild, Constructing Props, 
Making AMVs, Retro Anime, Japanese Live Action Shows, and much more.

Workshops included Ball Joint Doll Collecting, Drawing with Stan Sakai, Drawing with Benn Dunn, CCG Design, 
Boot Covers, Cel Painting, Belly Dancing, Origami, Voice Acting with Rob Bakewell, and more.

Additional unique features for Anime North 2005 included Trigun Doughnut Eating Contest, Cosplay Conga Line, 
Momiji Award Brunch, J-Idol, Martial Arts Demonstrations, J-Pop Dance Party, Poke'Party in the Con Suite, Art Auction, 
Mechayard Wars, Extreme Piņata, Goth Loli Doll Meeting, Yaoi Fan Social, 
Voice Acting Pajama Party, Go Tournaments, and lots more.

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