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Welcome to another edition of Linus Lam Network News for 2014!  This news report covers our trip to Anime LA 2014 for a huge weekend of anime and manga enjoyment and a whole lot more!  Held at the LAX Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles, California over the weekend of January 10-12, Anime LA 2014 saw lots of attendees ready to party on with a bunch of dedicated artists, live performances, gaming events, cosplay fun, and plenty of opportunities to hang out with fellow anime and manga fans. Our exciting trip to Anime LA 2014 starts here!  Coverage you can count on, here at Linus Lam Network News!

Highlights: Various live programming events kept the attendees well-covered throughout the weekend. Guests of Honor included Neil Nadelman, Aimee Major Steinberger, Parle Productions, and Tadao Tomomatsu. Main events included Blue Rose Maid Cafe, Rock Band sessions, Masquerade, dances, Cosplay Chess, Scavenger Hunt, Fashion Show, AMV Contest, Rum Party, and more. Panels and workshops included Dark Side of Magical Girls, Geeks with Cats, Godzilla Returns!, The Play in Cosplay, Diversity in the Cosplay Community, Lost in Translation, Fandom Etiquette, Making Cosplay Music Videos, Anime Name That Tune, My Little Pony, Anime Dodgeball, Costips: Armor and Props, Voice Acting, Totally Lame Anime, Guide to Wig Buying, Anime Production and Direction, Best Japanese Idol Groups of 2013, Working in Animation, Stunt Fighting 101, Anime Adaptations in Hollywood, Manga without Borders, Making an Audio Drama, Hetalia, World of Warcraft, Banzai Arcade, KPop Battle Royal, How to make Cosplay Videos, Voice Acting for Video Games, Creating Manga Basics, Adapting Anime and Manga for the English Market, World Cosplay Wrestling, Anime Swimsuit Contest, Anime Debate Show, Commerical Pattern Literacy for Cosplay, Maid Cafe, Planning Otaku Trip to Japan, Gainjin's Guide to Japanese Manners, Anime Radio, and more.
Cosplay: This year's trip to Anime LA saw lots of inspired costumes from numerous anime and manga characters and more! Chart-topping displays for this year included characters from Kill la Kill, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, Legend of Korra, Adventure Time, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, League of Legends, and much more! 
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Report: I was only able to attend one sunny warm day (Friday) of Anime LA 2014 so apologies if I couldnít take everyoneís pictures the rest of the weekend. Anime LA is a personal favorite so I made the most of my trip down to focus on the convention essentials and do a few shoots on the side before I had to fly back up to NorCal early Saturday morning for a big KPop concert.

Attendance at Anime LA is growing every year and again it had to announce an attendance cap but I wonder if it really reached that mark.  The hallways didnít seem particularly crowded on Friday but not seeing Saturdayís crowd levels I canít really verify what the overall weekend felt like. Arriving around 10am, Preregistration badge pickup was a super quick process. I suppose I missed the line because there wasnít anyone in front of me when I showed up. Nice!  Armed with a badge and schedule, I was off to capture as much of the convention in 12 hours as I could. The street level contained Artists Alley and pool deck area where cosplayers and cosplay photographers typically congregated. Lower level contained Registration, panels and workshops, main events hall, Dealers Hall, Photo Booth, Cosplay Repair Station, and additional tables to sign up for other fellow anime conventions. Most of the staffers were nice and friendly and hotel staffers were always around to politely moderate the crowds around the doors and such.

Not much has changed since last year as far as function space allocations. Dealers Hall featured the usual assortment of local dealers selling DVDs and Blu-Rays, posters, manga, artbooks, plenty of KPop merchandise, plushies, PVC figurines, model kits, and more. Panels and workshops were fairly run on time and I didnít see anything out of the ordinary in the schedule, mostly fan-run panels which are always a blast to attend. The Artists Alley was pleasant as always, rows of tables stacked with art to sell, keychains, cosplay hats, and handmade plushies on the side.

Anime LA is pretty good about keeping the most of the hotel areas cosplayer-friendly. The lobby removed the chairs and installed a nice green backdrop for photos.  The pool deck is always wide open for plenty of cosplay gatherings and cosplay photography and videography opportunities.  Just outside the hotel, the lawn and hotel sides were occupied with photo-ops.  The hotel walls were decorated with tons of cosplayer photo prints taken at Anime LA throughout the years. The outside lower area hosted large Cosplay Chess tournaments. The Cosplay Repair Station room appeared to be well-received as always with sewing machines and extra glue guns and various cosplay-repair accessories on hand.  Every reasonable effort was made to make it cosplayer-friendly without causing too much disturbance to hotel rules and at the same time keep people happy.

No surprise that Anime LA continues to be a successful convention in the heart of Los Angeles. Even with an attendance cap, it has a unique and sunny charm and culture that most veteran attendees seem to agree with year after year.  Hopefully, like previous years, Iíll come back next year and do the usual full weekend coverage report.

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