Guests of Honor included: Hiroaki Inoue, P.M.B.Q., Karisu and Richard Man, and Tadao Tomomatsu.  Main events included Anime Music Video Contest, Cosplay Contest, Rum Party and Pirate Dance, Stephanie Yanez and TeniMyUSA concerts, and plenty of Karaoke.  Workshops included: Lightsaber Workshop, Jedi Cloak Workshop, and Harry Potter Scarf Workshop.  Panels and featured discussions included: Your Favorite Anime Characters, Making Costumes Without Sewing, Basic Digital Anime Art Techniques, History of Cosplay, Anime Trivia, AMV 101, Yaoi in Anime and Manga, Wigs with Costumes, Storytelling for Animation and Game Designers, Beginning Cosplay, Robotech the Shadow Chronicles, Fantasy in Anime and Manga, and much more.

Anime LA 2006
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