Panels! Panels! Panels! More panels than you can shake a stick at and then some! Anime Central 2005 offered a huge variety of panels galore featuring many esteemed Guests of Honor, noted fans, and industry representatives from the domestic anime kingdoms all heading healthy discussions on various exciting topics ranging from new shows, fan activities, industry follow-ups, and other forms of fan entertainment lasting all throughout the day. Packed full of attendees, every single panel or activity offered something to learn from. If only school or work meetings were this stimulating.

Anime Central 2005
Panels and Discussions

Writing for Manga: If you've got an idea and you've got the will to draw, then crank it out!  Veteran artists from Imbrium Studios talked about putting your name and art out in the artists alleys, making panels flow with your scripts, being prepared for reader criticism, being patient and keeping your target audience in mind, and focusing on getting manga ideas done rather than letting them sit on the backburner.

Cosplay Craftsmanship: Veteran cosplayers gathered together to talk about advanced craftsmanship costumes and props for cosplay enthusiasts who love to compete as well as show off their latest skills at numerous cons.  Topics covered budgets, making and transporting large props, working in stages, sewing tips, molding and casting advice, simple vs. elaborate fabrics, and more.

Anime Fansubbing: One of the most popular anime fandoms of our time are the anime fansubs, which is the backbone for how anime clubs and anime cons got started in the first place.  Fansub enthusiasts talked about different font effects, popular software programs to use for subtitling, getting good source material for scripts and timing, sticking with the best file compression formats, and using the best available hardware to make the best quality videos.

Anatomy for Artists: Representatives from Imbrium Studios talked about their experiences on learning the basics of human anatomy towards drawing manga and anime.  Topics covered facial expressions, popular fighting poses, proper ways to draw hands holding weapons, learning the human muscular system not for accuracy but for grace and style, and sources for studying all the intricate parts of what make us human.

Plus-Sized Cosplay: Cosplay will always be a hobby and for those who are proud about their plus-size body and want to cosplay, veterans talked about how to do it with grace and style.  Topics featured lengthening tops and skirts, bringing more vertical elements into the costume, interfacing pieces for a more pleasing shape, boning for support, and much more.
EGL Fashion Show: Elegant Gothic Lolita fashions are all the rage these past couple of years and the trend is still growing, thanks to ever more stylish ensembles and fan interest in extravagant wardrobes.  This year's show saw many EGL presentations seen in the cosplay galleries as well as panelists talking about EGL resources, accessories, and much more.

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