Anime Central 2005 packed in the dealers hall this year with lots more goodies and tables to scour!  Dealers included: Anime Pavilion, Paradigm Entertainment, Eye Candy Goods, AnimEigo, Hirameki International Group, Anime Ed, Studio Capsule, Anime Hurricane, Cartoon Passion, ADV Films, Planet Anime, G-Collections, WizzyWig, Comic Cellar, Foreign Expressions, King Roach Enterprises, Pedestrian Arts, Anime Sound and Vision, Anime Palace, Media Blasters, Anime Sekai, Anime Nation, Sasuga Bookstore, Anime Musketeer, Red OCtane, K&S Marketing, Kinokuniya, Windwolf Studio, Splash Page, FUNimation Productions, Offworld Designs, Rising Sun Imports, Manga Entertainment, Japanimation City, Hen Da Ne, Asylum Anime, Bandai Entertainment, House of Anime, and Anime Reactor.

Anime Central 2005
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