Dealers Hall was completely packed this year with numerous anime collectibles and miscellaneous items to peruse and purchase.  Dealers this year included: Aardvark International, American Express Financial Advisors, Americanime Productions, Anime Avalon, Anime Depot, Anime Hut, Anime Musketeer, Anime News Network/Protoculture Addicts, Anime Palace, Anime Pavillion, Anime Sekai, Anime V, Animischief, Applegeeks, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Dominic Deegan, Paradox Lost, Wirepop, Asylum Anime, Bandai Entertainment, Black Knight Comics, Broccoli International, Cartoon Passion, Comicopia, The Contact Lens Store, Digital Discs, Dragon's Den, Epic Adventures, Funimation, Geneon Entertainment, Genki Gang, Greentea Design, Hen Da Ne!, Hirameki International, HKT/Mugen Toys, Image Anime, J-Pop House, JPNTOYS, Killer Toys, Mad Daffodil, Manga Entertainment, Media Blasters, Mother's Anime Shoppe, New England Comics, Otakon, Pegasus Publishing, Period Style/Copic Markers, Poker Industries, Red Octane, RJP-PRO, Sapo Entertainment, Sasuga Books, Science Fiction Continuum, Splash Page Comics, Studio Capsule, Tokyo Game Action, Tokyopop, Toy Magic, Ultimate Anime, YesAnime, and Yumtown 

Anime Boston 2005
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