Packing in the attendees, every panel, workshop, or activity offered something to learn from, whether you were into the discussion subject or not, as shown below with a brief description of each session.  Panels and discussions offered new views into the evolving mixture of anime pop culture, cosplay, J-Rock influence, American voice-acting, philosophy, and much more.

Ani-Magic 2002
Panels and Discussions 1

J-Rock Cosplay: From Hide to Malice Mizer, J-Rock converts flocked to this panel to get the scoop on what's new in the visual music world.  Topics included cosplaying at cons to show off, collecting all the cd albums, magazines, posters, stickers, and various tidbit found from online resources, and keeping up to date on the latest fashions and accessories.
Figures and Modeling: For the figure model enthusiasts, skill and the right tools on hand make a winning combination.  Rebecca Chen led the panel to talk about various primer coats, paints, brushes of varying widths, the kinds of kits you'd expect (resin vs. polystyrene), ridding of air bubbles, smoothing off the castings, making eyes, and using gloss coats.

Tristine Citrine's Cosplay: The Orange Queen of Cosplay held another great panel with lotsa friends to help her show off examples of topics discussed.  Discussions involved favorite costumes from Doremi, Final Fantasy series, and Sakura Taisen, working on pieces that inspire craftsmanship and presentation, setting off a flurry of hot pants excitement in the audience, and getting everyone high on orange soda.
Dubbing: Then and Now: Tiffany Grant held an excellent Friday evening voice acting introspective as she talked about the major changes voice acting has undergone in the past few years.  Topics included more experience in theater and films, impacting schedules, touring around with Amanda Winn Lee, Crispin Freeman, and Hillary Haag, and leads to more experience behind the voice and anime studio direction and production.

How to Draw Manga: Mike Hayes joined Ani-Magic once again to show aspiring artists the steps to take to improve quality of anime art.  Topics featured body and head design, focusing on clean lines, basic shapes and structures for definition, working with hard-to-draw action poses, and just plain having fun with drawing your favorite anime characters.
Acting Outside of Anime: Scott McNeil, Amanda Winn Lee, Petrea Burchard, and Tiffany Grant spoke about their impending workloads, heavy work with the voice studios, always updating their resumes, and helping answer the questions about sending in lots of audition tapes for the next big gig.

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