Ani-Magic 2002 filled up the weekend with more outdoor activities and opened up the events schedule to whatever the fans could take part in and get the excitement rolling in.  And, boy, did they really rock the weekend with lots of Karaoke, parties, fan gatherings around the poolside, cat calls and whistles for the voice actors, and a whole lot more.

Ani-Magic 2002
Convention Activities

Registration: Armed with new computers and badge processing machines, Ani-Magic 2002's staffers from Lancaster High School and other volunteers helped out in the Registration area to get those crowds all processed and ready for the weekend blitz.
Soundcheck: Can we get a sound check on that?  SNM Productions's DJ Socket and DJ MOD held up the hardware side with their own equipment and gave flawless efforts to keep the energy going all weekend.

Karaoke: Time to unleash that singing spirit!  Cosplayers took to the stage to show their anime spirit with various songs from all kinds of shows throughout Friday afternoon.
More Karaoke!  Sunday followed up with even more karaoke blitz as cosplayers invaded every square inch of the stage and belt out a whole round of karaoke goodness for audience pleasure.

Fashion Shows: Saturday afternoon saw a great Fashion Show for the non-competing cosplayers who wanted to strut their stuff for their family and friends.
J-Rock Fashion Show: And for those daring bishounen wonders, the J-Rock Fashion Show filled the weekend gap of mostly J-Rocker cosplayers who wanted to display their artistry and spread the J-Rock love.

Autograph Sessions: Fans gathered at every autograph session to get the latest collectible inked and signed by their favorite actor or actress throughout the weekend.  Please visit the Guests of Honor section for the scoop on who attended Ani-Magic 2002.

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