From manga to wallscrolls, t-shirts to plushies, Project A-kon 2006 was able to pack in a lot more dealers in the Convention Center.  Dealers for this year's biggest ever Project A-kon 2006 included: 4 Macross, Aardvark International, Andrew Stapleton, AnimateUSA, Anime Avalon, Anime Depot, Anime Palace, Anime Pavillion, Anime Pop, Anime Snacks, Anime Ten, Antartic Press, Asylum Anime, AVD & Model Show, Black Dog Enterprises, Bohemian Trash Studios, Cardz Xtcetera, Cartoon Passion, Celtic Chrystal, Cine East, Cloak and Dagger, Comic Book Craze, Comic Cellar, Dementia 7, Digital Discs, Emily Chong, Eroth Productions, Fantasy & Hobby Sales, Faulconer Productions, Foreign Expressions, Gift Ideas From Around, Half Full Studios, Happy Jackal Graphics, Hen Da Ne, HKT Toys, Hobbytown USA, Imagine That Galleries, J-List, J-Pop House, Keith's Comics, KnightHawk Armoury, Kyoto Kytchen, Lazy Dragon, Leathersmythe, Mach 1 Computers, Mad Daffodil, Madness Games, Magic of Collecting, Manga Entertainment, Mangamania, Media Blasters, Myth Adventures, Nene Thomas, Owl Moon Studios, Paradigm, Pegasus Publishing, Radio Comix, Rising Sun Imports, Samurai Gunfighter, Sasuga Books, Scarlett's Corset, SciFi FX, SighCo Graphics, Splash Page, SROriginals, Steve Bennett Art, Studio Anime, Susan VanCamp Art, System Sweep, The Anime Store, The Treasure Nest, Time Machine, Toy Matrix, Vintage Kimonos, Wes Tillander, White Tiger, Wizard's Wagon, WizzyWig, Inc, Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters, and Yes Anime.

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